Your hearing can be damaged in many ways. Certain types of illness can result in hearing damage, and even some treatments can result in hearing loss. Overuse of over the counter medications can result in hearing loss or damage. If you are concerned about hearing damage as a result of your illness or treatment, consult with your medical or hearing professional.

Here we will be discussing hearing damage as a result of noise. This is the one area we can actually prevent damage,or prevent further damage if some has already happened.

If you have to raise your voice to be heard, the environment is more than likely loud enough to damage your hearing, if exposure is long enough.

There are tables that show recommended exposure/noise level times. Your allowable 'dose' of noise should be not more than 85dB for 8 hour daily exposure, the exposure times reduce by half for every increase of 3dB, eg 88dB means not more than 4 hours daily exposure, and so on.

For some rock concerts, your recommended dose would be exceeded by the first intro.

If you are shooting, then your hearing will almost certainly be damaged no matter what protection you use.

The louder the noise, the quicker that noise damage can be done.

Industrial noise.

If you work in a noisy environment, your employer has an obligation to provide you with appropriate hearing protection, and you should ideally have your hearing screened at least every 2 years. We have a range of custom made hearing protection for those who are serious about their hearing. There are a range of generic earplugs available over the web, but we would suggest avoiding the 'Foam' types, they are seldom worn correctly and offer no protection at certain frequencies. They might give you a false sense of security which could mean you expose yourself to greater danger.


Even inside the crash helmet, you will be exposed to excessive noise, if you are wearing hearing protection make sure it does not come into contact with any part of the helmet or lining, this could result in noise transmission through the earplugs. For bikers we recommend our low profile ACS Pro series, or if you want to listen to something then the ACS range of In Ear Monitors are ideal


We have been taking care of musicians for more than 10 years. Performing musicians and DJ's come to us for hearing protection, our ACS Pro range allows you to hear the music, but removes the hazard associated with it. We provide different levels of attenuation depending on the type of music you perform and which instrument you play.

Increasingly, performing musicians rely on In-Ear monitors, and in our humble opinion the ACS range are the best available. We have tried several others and have not been as happy as we are with ACS. We now have some T1 Triple driver In Ears, that have been in regular use for 8 years.

Our pricing for these musicians products include a hearing test and impression taking. There are no hidden charges.


As hearing conservationists, we would have to recommend that you do not shoot.

But, people like shooting and will continue to do so. We have a range of hearing solutions for shooters. From Active hearing protection that reacts to the shock of the shot, to devices that seal your ears and will transmit speech. We also have passive earplugs that are custom made for you and provide the most effective hearing protection you can get. Do your research and come and talk to us, we can get what you need.