Independent Hearing Aid Providers

As independent hearing healthcare providers we can offer hearing aids from all of the global leading hearing aid manufacturers. We choose to deal exclusively with hearing aid manufacturers who have support and service/repair facilities in Ireland. There are now more styles and sizes of hearing aids than ever before, modern hearing aids are small, powerful, discreet and stylish.

Hearing aid technology is constantly marching forward and Dublin Hearing Aid Centre always fit the very latest hearing device technology available from world leading hearing aid brands.


What Kind Of Hearing Aid Is Right For Me?

The best hearing aid for you will depend on your hearing loss and lifestyle, we will take the time to clearly understand your needs during the consultation process.

Custom In The Ear

These are custom made to fit the shape and size of your ear canals and fit securely in the outer ear. They are unobtrusive and have optional user controls as well as directional microphones to help in noisy environments. They are suitable for most hearing losses and are easy to handle.

Over The Ear

These are fitted with a custom-made ear mould and they are the most powerful hearing aids available making them suitable for mild to profound hearing losses. They also have the most options for user controls and are compatible with accessories such as FM systems. They are easy to handle and have larger batteries which last longer.

Smart Hearing Aids

These are the smallest in-the-ear hearing aids available. They are also custom-made and fit right inside the ear canal to appear virtually invisible. They have a smaller battery than in-the-ear hearing aids and are slightly more difficult to handle, but can provide a more natural sound, reduced wind noise and improved telephone use due to the microphone placement.

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