Smart hearing aids

What do we mean by ‘Smart’ hearing aids?

We now have hearing aids with built in sensors and artificial intelligence. Hearing aids that can track your fitness activities over the day, or track the amount of social interaction you engage in. They are also capable of acting as a ‘fall alert’ system

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Let's walk you through what Livio can do for you.

Livio Ai is our best sounding hearing aid ever. The first and most important job of any hearing aid is to help people with hearing loss hear speech, music and sounds as crisply, clearly and naturally as possible. While other premium hearing aids are getting better at that, none compare to the sound quality of Livio AI. Here’s why.

Hearing is complex and difficult to replicate. We’re constantly presented with an array of sounds from varied sources. Some are meant to be in the background. Some are extraneous noises that are best blocked out so they don’t interfere with the signal of interest. And some, like a companion’s voice or a granddaughter’s performance in the school play, are those signals of interest we want to focus on.

When we hear “normally”, we take in these layers of sounds, and our brains blend and focus them differently depending on each situation. When we have hearing loss, the layers blend less smoothly and focus becomes unclear.

Livio AI hearing aids help you hear and live better

Hearing Reality Better Replicates Natural Hearing

Livio AI hearing aids introduce a brand new technology called Hearing Reality™. The ear’s version of virtual reality, Hearing Reality uses high-speed, high-definition computer processing to manage, separate and help us focus these many layers of sound to better replicate natural hearing.

The result is immersive, authentic hearing, where quiet sounds are quiet, noise can be “ignored”, and you’re able to focus on the sounds (or signals of interest) that matter and that you want to hear.

In trials, Livio AI hearing aids earned a 98 percent satisfaction rating for sound quality, and wearers noted a significant reduction in listening effort, which — if you have hearing loss — is what you want, especially in loud, noisy places.

World's first hearing aid with sensors and AI

Livio AI is the first hearing aid with sensors and artificial intelligence

Just as the iPhone forever changed what we could do with a phone, Livio AI will forever change how we think of and use hearing aids. Adding sensors and artificial intelligence for the first time ever in a hearing aid is one reason why.

Experts agree that the head — and the ear, specifically — is a much more accurate place to measure our physical activity and monitor our body’s “signals” than on the wrist or in a pocket. By including 3D motion sensors like an accelerometer and gyroscope, Livio AI hearing aids are able to detect movement and gestures and give a more reliable readout of your steps and activity.

And thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), Livio AI hearing aids can learn and perform tasks that no other hearing aids can, including letting you turn streaming on and off by simply tapping your ear instead of your hearing aid, translating languages, and tracking and measuring body and brain health.

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