Customise your music experience

You can spend hundreds on the best in-ear headphones, and they seldom fit well. At Dublin Hearing Aid Centre, we can customise your experience.

For an all inclusive price of €90, we will take impressions of your ears, and have custom tips made to fit your headphones.

Exclude noise

You know how it is, you are sitting on the bus or train, and you can’t hear what you want because of the conversations behind you. Even noise cancelling headphones don’t cut out background speech effectively. Often we turn up our music to drown out the background. This is exposing your ears to loud sounds for longer times and risks damage to your hearing.

Our custom tips effectively seal the sound you want in your ears while excluding those you don't want to hear

Increase your bass

Ever notice when you press your headphones tight to your ears the bass increases?

This is because low frequency energy is escaping your ears, it takes more energy to move your eardrum at low frequencies, when you seal the sound in, you increase bass.

You should try these products on a flight, the baby crying behind you or the crew selling scratch cards will be a lot less annoying, Leaving you to enjoy your listening experience.

Personal Service

Music lovers and professionals know Brian and Louise personally, We have been providing professional in-ear monitoring and hearing protection services for more than 10 years. Brian has been fitting Starkey products for more than 30 years and has always come back for the quality.

If you want to discuss your music or personal listening experiences, talk to the professionals.

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