The very best in professional music customisation

For the past 10 years, Brian and Louise have been providing music professionals with the best in custom hearing protection and in-ear monitoring.

Custom Hearing Protection

Whatever you requirement, we have a range of custom hearing protectors, from our ‘ACS Pro’ series to our Etymotic Research ‘ER’ range of filters, in custom made soft silicone. We have been working with ACS products for more than 10 years, and we trust them.

We will help you determine what level of protection is appropriate to your music. A hearing screening and impression taking is included in our price.

Custom ‘In-Ear’ monitoring

You will not believe the quality of sound from our professional custom In-Ears until you try them.

Everybody we make them for are always impressed with the sound, and really upset when they leave them at home.

Take a look at the ACS home page, and come back to us. We will carry out a hearing test and take the impressions of your ear all included in the one price.

Personal Service

Brian Coffey is passionate about hearing protection, he suffers from noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus, so he is well placed to advise you on the importance of protecting your hearing.

Whether we are making custom hearing protection or making custom In-Ear monitors, we will carry out a hearing test to let you know if there is already any signs of hearing damage, and we take the impressions necessary for the custom product at the same time.

Our prices include the cost of the hearing test and impressions taking. Please note we do not take impressions for any product range other than those we carry.

Would You Like a Free Hearing Consultation?