We carry out the full range of audiometric hearing tests

Whether you come to Dublin Hearing Aid Centre for an Audiological hearing test, industrial screening, or a hearing test with a view towards getting a hearing aid, we are fully qualified to carry out all of the standard hearing tests.

Hearing screening

Whether you work in a noisy environment, or play music with a band, if you are exposed to noise that is sufficient to make you raise your voice on a regular basis, you should have your hearing screened regularly. Early intervention can prevent a lot of problems later in life.

Audiology Services

You might be referred to us by your doctor, and depending on the complaint we can carry out hearing tests via speech testing, air conduction, bone conduction and we also carry out tympanometry to test the middle ear function.

Difficulty hearing?

Most people come to us because they are experiencing difficulties in hearing speech, particularly in noisy environments or groups. ‘’I could hear fine if people would speak properly’’ is something we hear regularly.

Hearing loss develops gradually, most people are not aware of it, until they think other people are muttering. They can usually hear ok on a one to one basis, but can often withdraw from social groups.

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