We have a range of ear-care solutions for you

The old advice of ‘never put anything in your ear that is smaller than your elbow’ is good advice.

Earwax is produced in reaction to foreign bodies in the ear. Putting cotton buds in your ear just makes more earwax. In most situations the ear takes care of itself, but we are here to look after it when it doesn’t.

Irrigation method

The best current advice is to never allow anybody to ‘syringe’ your ears, the old syringe method can be very brutal and often hurts the eardrum.

We use a gentle ‘pulse-irrigation’ system, which involves a gentle pulsing of warm water along the posterior wall of the ear canal which flushes out any wax or debris, with no discomfort.


For some patients, hard wax can be removed by using a vacuum probe to grab a hold of it and remove it from the ear without discomfort. If there has been any recent infections we will prefer to use this method.

If you have had a perforated eardrum in the past, we would probably carry out earwax removal using micro-suction.

Personal Service

Every patient will be treated on an individual basis, different ear conditions require different methods of treatment. We will take your history and any relevant medical conditions, as well as your personal preferences into consideration to make sure you get the results you need.

If you are wearing a hearing aid, it is quite usual to require earwax removal more than you previously might have. The hearing aid can prevent wax from falling out naturally.

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